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Victus Global Botswana Organisation brings together local and international experts in complementary fields such as public health, food security, project implementation, market linkages, social development, finance and economics with a long track record of success in both public and private sectors. Our overarching aim is to support women, key and vulnerable populations in achieving the following objectives:

To develop innovations and implement solutions that improve the quality of health and development services, especially among women and other key and vulnerable populations.

To promote universal health coverage as well as socio-economic and gender equality with regard to progress on communicable and non-communicable diseases.

To provide technical assistance and access to local and international markets for start-up projects involving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

To empower and promote sustainable economic independence and address gender inequalities.

To promote collaboration and partnerships with organisations in various sectors that have comparable missions and values, and which are also committed to the mutually beneficial exchange of technical and material resources.

To promote equality of opportunity in the workplace and the wider world through a commitment to diversity and respect for all people in every area of our organisation.

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