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Integrated People-centred Prevention, Treatment and Care

We work side by side with vulnerable groups, especially women, to provide them with knowledge and information that connects them to the available resources within the community and health care systems. We empower them in such a way that they have a deeper understanding of their own health issues, allowing them to take charge and manage their personal health with regard to prevention, treatment and disease control.

We also ensure that people receive a continuum of health care services through different stages of life, encompassing health promotion, prevention, treatment, disease management, rehabilitation, and palliative care services within the community and/or health care facilities.

Poverty Reduction

Victus Global Botswana Organisation drives economic development through capacity-building, market linkages and investment, with a specific focus on low-income populations as well as women, key and vulnerable populations.

We partner with businesses to sustainably deliver the support and services that will allow disadvantaged groups to contribute to, and benefit from, economic growth.

Equality & Diversity Inclusion

Victus Global Botswana is committed to leaving no one behind. We work closely with key populations & vulnerable populations and prioritise programmes that address their needs.

We empower such communities through a multi-sectoral approach that focuses on addressing their health and complex non-health requirements.

Our Partners