Victus Global Botswana

Transforming lives through health
and economic empowerment

Our Vision

We are a local non-profit organisation founded and led by Batswana women. Our vision is to transform lives through health and economic empowerment in Botswana and the African Sub-Saharan Region.

Our Mission

We strive to improve people’s lives by strengthening access to healthcare services and drive economic development through a combination of innovation, food security,

Our Values


We believe in equal opportunity for all,
regardless of gender, race, culture and
socio-economic status.


We gather and analyse data to guide
our decisions and dialogue with policymakers.


We pursue an approach shaped by
continuous improvement, creativity
and change.

Our Partners

Our People

We bring together local and regional experts in complementary fields such as public health, implementation, marketing, social development, finance, and economics with a long track record of success in both public and private sectors.

Striving to improve and strengthen access to healthcare services

Making a difference

Developing and implementing innovative solutions to
improve people’s wellness